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Microorganisms microorganisms

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Activity #1 Introduction to microscope
* '''Question Corner'''
===Activity #1 Introduction to microscope ===* '''Estimated Time'''<br>20 minutes<br><br>* '''Materials/ Resources needed'''<br>Compound microscope,<br><br>* '''Prerequisites/Instructions, if any'''<br>understanding characteristics of light and lenses <br><br>* '''Multimedia resources'''<br>* '''Website interactives/ links/ simulations'''<br>* '''Process (How to do the activity)'''<br>#Take the microscope from your lab and explain the student the parts of the microscope and its function.For further information visit the following website. * '''Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)'''<br>#At the end of 5 minutes, after explaining the parts of microscope,remove the parts and ask the student to identify the part and ask him/her to explain the function of that part. * '''Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)'''<br>#What are the different parts of microscope?#What is the uses of microscope?#Write a labelled diagram of microscope which is present infront of you.* '''Question Corner'''
#Activity No #2 '''page_name_concept_name_activity2'''

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