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Bank Transactions

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= Concept Map =
#karnataka Textbook [ Bank Transactions]
=Additional References=
=Additional References=
==How the topic is discussed in NCERT Books==
==Useful websites==
===Wikipedia pages===
==Reference Books==
Role of banking
Retail Banking
Savings Bank account
===Learning objectives===
===Learning objectives===
#Understand the various functions banks perform
===Notes for teachers===
===Learning objectives===
#Understand how to avail of relevant banking facilities with your local bank
===Notes for teachers===
You can explain banking best by helping each of your student to open a personal bank account. A visit to the local bank is part of this process. Interacting with the bank manager and the staff and discussing the role of the bank will give a good perspective to the students
=Project Ideas=
Design and produce a 'digital story' of your local bank. [ How to produce a digital story]
=Community Based Project=
=Textbook Feedback=
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