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= Concept Map =
*Current and Circuits
*Simulation of electricity
* What is electricity
* Working of an electric fuse - By Agastya International Foundation
==Reference Books==
==Concept #==
===Learning objectives===
# Distinguish between static electric current
# Give reasons for considering electricity as the most convenient form of energy
# Define the terms - Ampere, potential difference, volt, and resistance
# Identify applications of Ohm's in daily life
# Draw the circuit symbols showing parallel and series connection of resistances
# Solve numerical problems on Ohm's Law
# State the effects of electricity
# Problems or the negative aspects of electricity
# Identify the safety devices at home
# State the precautions while using eletricity
===Notes for teachers===
''These are short notes that the teacher wants to share about the concept, any locally relevant information, specific instructions on what kind of methodology used and common misconceptions/mistakes.''

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