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Bengaluru South3

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=Programmes in Bengaluru South 3 Block=
[[Teachers_Community_of_Learning_Bangalore_South_Block_3 |'''Teachers Community of Learning (TCOL) Bengaluru South Block 3''']]
TCOL aims to bring together the subject teachers working in a block together, through physical interactions supplemented and complemented by virtual interactions. The project aims to:
# School-based intensive work to demonstrate and train in ICT integration in teaching-learning and administrative processes
For more details click [[Teachers_Community_of_Learning_Bangalore_South_Block_3 |here]].<br> [ಐ_ವಿ_ಆರ್_ಎಸ್_ಕೈಪಿಡಿ '''IVRS Programme''']
=Government High School in Bangalore South 3 Block webpages=

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