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Agenda for the workshop
|10.00 – 10.30
|1. recapping of the day 1 tools by practicing it
2. Reading ICT text book – online||||-|Ubuntu Installation|10.30 – 11.30|To get familiar with OS installation Install OS in different modedemo
|Detailed Ubuntu installation
- along side, upgrade and erase and install
|ICT for creating – 4
|1110.30 – 21.3000
|1. Understanding the possibilities of ICT in education
2.Resource creation with Geogebra
|Ubuntu basic trouble shooting
|21.20 30 32.30|TO To get familiar with Ubuntu basic troubleshooting
|Ubuntu software center
Network configuration
User account creation
Familiar with File systems
Use system setting to
- Connect projector,
- External storage partitions
|Will practice all the functions individually and
|[ Learn Ubuntu]
|ICT for creating – 5
|3.30 00 – 4.30
# Introduce to LO presentation software
3. Use basic animation features
4. Use firefox to access GDL 5. DOwnloading , Downloading Images, videos and text.
65. Use different browser shortcuts to access resources easily
7. Use google featurs features like google drive, youtube, photos etc as school resource repository
|Working with
1. Libreoffice impress

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