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Thinking and communication (Concept map)
|10:30 – 11:3015
|[ Freeplane] (concept map)
|Demo of subject based apps: Language
|11:15 30 - 12:15
|[ Indic Anagram], [ H5P], [ Dictionaries]
#* What is a Concept Map
# Geogebra resources- from geogebra Geogebra tube.# Geogebra files - Karnataka Open Educational Resources.# PhET science simulations.# Mindmaps on different topics -Karnataka Open Educational Resources# Digital story telling (video resources) as a pedagogical method#* Digital Storytelling, an ICT - based method of co-constructing and transacting curriculum” for the ‘Voices of Teachers and Teacher Educators’ journal of the National Council of Education Research and Training (page 65-73)#* Integrate '''Digital''' '''Storytelling''' in '''Education'''#* Digital Storytelling in the classroom#* Educational uses of DST#* Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum.

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