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Agenda of the event
|10.00 - 10.30
|Students settle down with individual computerin the lab and check their files in the lab computersStudents have to submit presentation files to the ITfC team|ITfC team will help students to check files. ITfC team will collect students files to put it in presentation systems.
|10.30 - 11.15
|Introduction to the event- About Digifest event and the TCOL programInstruction Presentation instructions to the students about the exhibition process|Take some good photos Orange all the files by types of the student presentationsresources and students name wise for presentation.
|11.15 - 12.30
|School wise Break - snacks for students ||-|11.30 - 12.45|Students will come and present their workby types, by student name - (7 min/presentation)(In this students will explain how the story has build they created, learning experience)|Help Students to come and geogebra present their filesTake each students presentation photos and good videos|-|Parellally 12.45 - ITfC team have to prepare quizes in Indic anagram1.30|LUNCH||-|1.30 - 3.30|Students will continue the presentations|
|123.30 - 1.00|School wise students will conduct quizes using indic anagramFor each group - 10 minBreak|Help students to use indic anagramJudges have decide the winner based on the judges score
|13.00 30 - 14.30
|Closing ceremony
Guest (Cognizant people + PT Meena) speech Prize distributionfrom the judges|Take good photos and videos of the prizes distribution.

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