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Rapport building and reaffirming our identity and establishing what we do in our work is important to build the connection between facilitator and Kishoris. In this module the way we work is facilitated by co-creating a story using a set of 6 pictures. The group activity will also enable Kishoris to interact with each other and know each other better. It will also give them a chance to work in a cohesive group.
Facilitator: Shreyas Co-facilitators: Anusha, Aparna, Karthik ==Assumptions==
# There are student cliques– their dynamics and whether they will be willing to work with other cliques should be understood.
# All the Kishoris are not yet confident enough to participate.
# In the previous session, Kishoris have asked, “How do we benefit from this?” and also “How do you benefit from this?”, this might be due to them exposed to other NGOs working with them.
# Effectively clarify Kishoris’ questions from previous session regarding IT for Change/ Facilitators and H2HD
# Enthuse Kishoris towards the principles that operate on the design of H2HD– participatory ownership building learning processes, co-creation, content driving technologies, autonomy of thought and so on.
Greet Kishoris.
Trust us and participate equally in co-creating.
==Picture story Activity==
Give Kishoris pre-cut picture set rolled in rubber band (6 each). The list of pictures of 6 are as follows,
{| class="wikitable"
The discussion about the story building activity will be done by asking the Kishoris. ''“What do you feel about this?”'' Kishoris will share their experience/opinion. '''5 minutes'''
We end the session by talking about co-creation and end the session.
It will be as follows, ''“We spoke about co creation last week, the activity you did now demonstrates that phenomenon. All of you have shown or showcased your creativity, different views in creating the stories. If we are able to harness all the creativity then everything is possible. During the course of this year, you will know more about this.”''
==Materials Required==
# Pre-printed picture sets – 4
# Charts – 4
# Fevicol/Fevistick – 4
==Facilitators Required - 4==
1 main facilitator and 3 more facilitators for group activity
40 minutes
Pre-printed picture sets
Co-created story charts
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