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Knowing about our world now
Using the current COVID-19 pandemic as the point of focus, the objective will be to work with the children to have a conversation around their current life situations, address any questions and concerns they may have as well as provide accurate preventive health information. Students will be encouraged to draw pictures/ cartoons illustrating what they would like to know about COVID. This will be followed by a discussion by the facilitators.
==== [[Backtoschool session Communicative competencies and basics of language|Communicative competencies and basics of language]]====The students returning to school have been out of school for several months and the majority of these months have been spent without any opportunities for formal learning or enrichment. Helping students rebuild basic communicative competencies as well as regain working fluency in the first language and/ or medium of instruction is important. Students will be introduced to the basic competencies of LSRW, through story-telling and conversational activities. Students' participation and their work portfolios (which will be text-based as well as audio-visual and graphical) will be used to assess their language competencies as well.
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