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Install ubuntu

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Download Ubuntu (Kalpavriksha) software
==== Download Ubuntu (Kalpavriksha) software ====
You need to download "Ubuntu(Kalpavriksha).iso" file from the below link<blockquote>'''[ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD UBUNTU 20.04]'''</blockquote>After you download "'''Kalpavriksha-20.04.iso'''" from the above link, now you need to burn it into either DVD or you need to make bootable pendrive.
To verify the integrity of the downloaded iso file, you can use the command <tt>md5sum <filename.iso></tt>. The output of the command should be '''eee48cce1240d0cfa860ea1e05d587e1'''
# To make Ubuntu DVD in windows platform, follow this [ link]
# To make Ubuntu DVD in Ubuntu plat form, follow this [ link]

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