States of matter phet activity

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Activity No # 1 - States of matter

Estimated Time

20 min

Materials/ Resources needed

  • Computer,
  • moniter,
  • mouse,
  • Phet simulations,
  • projecter.

Prerequisites/Instructions, if any

Observe changes carefully

Multimedia resources

Website interactives/ links/ simulations


Process (How to do the activity)

Click the cursor on Neon.To observe the Neon molecules in solid state click on solid.To change the heat drag the cursor on different positions of temperature line and observe the changes.Now click the cursor on liquid . Change the heat by dragging the cursor on different positions of temperature line . Click the cursor on gas and observe temperature change.Repeat the same procedure for Argon,Oxygen and water.

Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)

  1. What do you observe when you click the cursor on Neon?
  2. What is the change you observe when you reduce the temperature?
  3. What are the moving shapes are called?
  4. How the molecules are arranged in solid state?
  5. What is the difference between the arrangement of molecules in solid and liquids?
  6. What do you observe when the liquid state is changed into gaseous state?
  7. Do you notice any difference between the atoms of Neon and Argan ?
  8. What do you observe in each molecule of water?

Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)

  1. What is matter?
  2. What are the states of matter?

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