Technology workshop on Integrating Digital Story-Based Pedagogy in Language Education

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The Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT), Karnataka in collaboration with IT for Change (ITfC) has piloted the program ‘Integrating Digital Story-Based Pedagogy in Language Education’ in 4 CTE’s – Mysuru, Chitradurga, Belagavi and Gulbarga in 2023-24.

As part of this program, ITfC has been working with the government Colleges for Teacher Education (CTEs) to conduct workshops focusing on creating rich audio story-based resources by government higher primary school teachers. The 1st set of workshops focused on story narration and recording and over 220 high quality audio stories have been recorded in English, Kannada, Urdu and Marathi. the 2nd set of (this) workshop would be focusing on enhancing and productionising these recorded audio stories with sound and music effects.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Productionising the narrated audio stories to make them available for language teachers
  • Enriching the "Sri Aluru Venkata Rao Language Lab" OER resources repository for language teaching-learning
  • To help teachers to explore FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) tools for resource creation

Teachers information form

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Agenda of the workshop

Session name Time Session details Resources
DAY – 1
Inauguration and Introduction 10:00-11:30 * Inauguration Ceremony

* Overview of the Workshop Agenda and Objectives

* Brief on the Previous Workshop (Resource Creation)

Demo of Exemplar 11:45-12:30 * Playing Exemplar Audio

* Discussion about the Audio with Teachers

12:30-1:00 * Listening to Teachers' Recorded Audio Stories from the previous workshop
Introducing audio editing 2:00-4:30 * Creating the Main Resource Folder

* Importing first Audio as Project (for the practice)

* Saving the Project with Proper Naming

* Basic Editing Practice on the Audio

* Basic Interface of Application – menu, Zoom In/Out, Track

* Understanding of basic functionalities

* Understanding Stereo and Mono tracks

Working with Audacity
Distributing audio files 4:30-5:00 * Assigning the stories to the teachers

* Listening to all the assigned audio stories and note the points on required modifications

DAY – 2
Importance of FOSS in education 10:00-10:45 * Announcing the decided group with respective ITfC Resource Persons

* Importance of FOSS in education

Audio Editing - Level 1 10:45-12:15 * Teachers need to start work with the 1st audio story

* Import audio and saving the project in the assigned sub-folder

* Use basic editing features –Based on the requirement use trim and other editing features (silence, copy paste) to clean up the audio based on the template.

Basic audio editing in Audacity
Audio Editing - Level 2 12:15-1:00 * Adjusting the volume in the audio

* Reducing disturbance in the audio

Adjusting the volume

Reducing the disturbance

Audio Editing - Level 2 2:00-2:30 * Exporting the project to the audio format

* Changing the voice in the audio based on the requirement

Saving and exporting the project
Introducing audio repository 2:00- 4:00 * Exploring the music repository (Story folders and Audio repository)

* Working with multiple tracks in the audio

* Increasing or decreasing the amplitude of audio

* Aligning the music or sound effect on the track

Adding multiple tracks
Discussion and exporting audio 4:00-5:00 * Any other effects as needed (fade in/out, reverb, echo etc)

* Exploring the music outside the repository (if needed)

Fade in/out effects

Changing the voice

DAY – 3
Principles of OER 10:00:11:00 * Understanding of OER and its importance in education

* Understanding and updating of audio Metadata

A video about OER
Plenary review –

Level 1

11:00-11:45 * Few teachers presentation of their 1st audio resource in a larger group

* Other teachers resource presentation in the smaller group

Working on the

first audio

11.45 – 1.00 * Edit 1st audio based on teachers feedback

* Exporting the final version of first audio with metadata

Working on audio file 2:00-5:00 * Start working on 2nd audio

* Using basic editing feature to clean up the audio and export it.

* Adding the sound elements in the 2nd audio

* Exporting the final version of 2nd audio with metadata

DAY – 4
Working on audio file 10:00-12:00 * Work on the second audio and finalise if required

* Teachers presenting the 2nd audio resource in plenary to get the feedback from others

Working on audio file 12:00-1:00 * Editing 2nd audio based on the feedback
Distributing and working on next audio files 2:00-5:00 * Start working on the 3rd audio
DAY – 5
Editing the audio 10:00-1:00 * Exporting final version of 3rd audio with metadata
Exploring an application 2:00-3:00 * Learn page, tutorials
Way forward 3:00-4:00 * Assignment
* Way forward
* Feedback


Technology Resources

Resource Link Purpose
Story Repository (Storyweaver) Storyweaver One of the largest story repositories which allows anyone to download, translate and create stories
Audacity handout Audacity handout A detailed user manual page about audacity (by IT for Change)
Audacity video tutorials Tutorial videos Video tutorial series on variety of tools in Audacity (by IT for Change)
Audacity official site Audacity official manual Official site which keeps you updated on newer versions, tools and features

OER audio repositories

From the below table you can find quality OER music and sound effects to reuse it in your project

1 Bensound Bensound
2 Soundbible Soundbible
3 Freesound Freesound
4 Pixabay Pixabay
5 Wikimedia common Wikimedia audio
6 Chosic Chosic

** From all the above OER music repositories we have collected some good music and sound effects and placed in one folder. Click here to check the music repository.

Workshop photos

Click here to access Mysuru workshop photos
Click here to see the Mysuru workshop album.
Click here to access Mysuru workshop photos
Click here to see the Belagavi workshop album.
workshop photos
Click here to see the Chitradurga workshop album

Workshop feedback

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