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Click for - English language learning resources,created using the H5P tool

These resources have been developed using the H5P FOSS application. The Open Educational Resource (OER) can be downloaded and used in class and shared with others. The resources are in the form of simple presentation slides. Each slide has a question, for which the answer is available by pressing the answer button (bulb shaped button). The teachers can use these resources for classroom teaching.

Word families (for vocabulary building)

  1. భోజనం
  2. మానవ శరీరం
  3. పక్షులు
  4. రంగు
  5. కూరగాయలు
  6. ఆకారం
  7. ఫలము
  8. గృహ వస్తువులు
  9. పుష్పము
  10. జంతువులు