Venn diagrams of quadrilaterals

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Classifying quadrilaterals based on their properties and identifying related quadrilaterals with ven-diagram.


To identify different quadrilaterals

To identify quadrilaterals with similar properties

Estimated Time

40 minutes.

Prerequisites/Instructions, prior preparations, if any

The students should have been introduced to quadrilaterals, their properties and types.

Materials/ Resources needed

Non digital: Paper, pencil, eraser.


Process (How to do the activity)

Types of quadrilaterals activity.jpeg

  1. There are 6 regions in the above venn diagram.
  2. The teacher can ease the activity by having an initial round of oral discussion in the previous classes such as every parallelogram is a rectangle if and only if it has ........
  3. Every quadrilateral is a kite if it has .........
  4. Rectangles, squares and rhombus are all .........
  5. A square is a special type of ..............
  6. When the students are fairly comfortable, the teacher can ask the students to group the different types of quadrilaterals in the approprriate places of the venn diagram as per their properties.
  7. After all the groups complete the activity the teacher can ask them to present on the black board and clarify.
  • Developmental Questions:
  1. Ask the students to discuss properties among the group and do the venn diagram.
  • Evaluation:
  1. Name the universal set here.
  2. Name all the subsets.
  • Question Corner
  1. Draw a flow chart of types of quadrilaterals.