Assam stf Technology workshop 2016

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Objectives of the workshop

The first STF workshop for Technology is being conducted from 27-1-2016 to 31-1-2016
The second STF workshop for Technology is being conducted from 8-2-2016 to 12-2-2016



Participant Profile

  1. Participant information Form
  2. View the Participant information

Technology Workshop Handouts

  1. Importance of Free and Open Source Environment
  2. Circulars on adopting Public (Free and Open Source) Software
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Creation of a personal digital library
  5. Internet – a new method of learning
  6. Note_on_Internet_access
  7. How to access the internet
  8. How to create a Personal Digital Library
  9. Using a text editor
  10. Emailing
  11. Text editing
  12. Combining images and text

See here for videos on Ubuntu, Libre Office, GIMP

  1. Freemind
  2. Handout for Freemind
  3. Text editing
  4. Screencast Recording
  5. Ubuntu Installation

Participant Feedback

  1. Participant Feedback Form
  2. Send Emails
  3. Complete resource book translation by district (use Google translate if required)
  4. Identify district lab and plan for training

At Workshop

Workshop Reports