Digital Literacy Session for the community spatial database project

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To enable the stewards to use technology in a safe and productive manner that benefits their employment, educational and civic aspirations while contributing towards the attainment of the project goals.


To develop basic competency in operating a Lenovo Yoga 3 tablet and android based applications such as Gmail, Telegram, Recorder, Web Browser, Camera, Play Store and Google Maps.


Topic Time Structure Session plan Steward activities
Introduction to the workshop and objectives 9.30 – 10.00 Discussion 1. The training team will explain the structure and objectives of the session and its relevance for the project

2. The training team will explore the expectations of the stewards from the session through a white board/post-it exercise.

3. The training team will divide the stewards into groups of 6 according to the digital literacy assessment with at least one person comparatively digitally proficient in each group. This grouping is undertaken to enable peer learning.

4. The training team will distribute the tablets and the SIMs to the stewards

1. The stewards will share their expectations/requirements from the digital literacy session

2. To know your airtel mobile number *121*9#

Familiarization with the tablet 10.00 – 10.30 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Displaying how to switch on the tablet and explaining basic device maintenance

2. Setting up the devices – password, Wifi

3. Creating and adding a Gmail account with tablets.

4. Displaying how to make and record audio calls , send SMS and save the contact numbers.

5. Sensitizing about fraudulent messages and mails.

1. Creating an email id with a sufficiently strong password.

2. Setting up Gmail in their tablets.

3. Saving the contact of the facilitator and send an SMS to him/her

4. Making a call to a fellow steward and recording the conversation

Installing applications by using Play store 10.30 – 11.00 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Using Play Store – overview of Play Store application

2. Installing Telegram, BBMP app and ODK collect

3. Uninstalling applications from tablets

1. Downloading and installing the ODK collect and Telegram

2. Installing BBMP application and uninstalling it

Working with basic pre installed applications 11.00 – 11.45 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Use audio recorder application to record audios, interviews – also discuss security & privacy related to recording and sharing

2. Use Camera to take photos and to record videos – also discuss security & privacy related to photography and sharing

3. Use clock and calender apps to set task reminder

4. Enable/Disable mobile internet data

5. Take screen shots of the screens

1. Record an introductory audio message

2. Capture an image of the workshop venue with a small video clip 3. Set a task reminder and capturing its screen shot

Familiarization with Telegram application 11.45 – 12.30 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Open the discussion by talking about Whatsapp application and about their usage of Whatsapp

2. Configure Telegram with basic information

3. Use Telegram for sending text message, audio, photos and videos

4. Demonstrate making audio calls through telegram and blocking users

5. Discuss the privacy, security and etiquette aspects of Telegram usage

6. Discuss the spread of fake news

messaging applications

7. Discuss briefly the penalties for cyber crimes

1. Register their mobile numbers with telegram and activate it

2. Go through Telegram setting to understand the basic setup

3. Share the audio message and photo created in the previous exercise via the Telegram group

4. Share the mail id created in the first session via the telegram group

Use Gmail to send/receive emails 12.30 – 1.00 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Compose and send a ‘Hello’ mail.

2. Download an attachment, save it; open it and send another mail with that attachment.

3. Search for a particular mail.

4. Sensitize the stewards about essential mail security tips and email etiquette.

1. Go through the Gmail application over view – Inbox, sent mail, draft and bookmarks.

2. Compose a ‘Hello’ mail and send it to the facilitator.

3. Download the attachment mailed by the facilitator.

3. Reply to the mail sent by the facilitator.

Lunch break 1.00 – 1.45
Basic Internet search 1.45 – 2.30 Demonstration and Hands on 1. Explain about web browser, search engine and the difference between the two.

2. Explain about websites, web URL and how to access a particular website.

3. Explain how content in Internet is generated.

4. Point out and explan

the number of search results.

5. Explain how to refine search queries to get better results.

6. Explain how to identify secure sites, discuss the security risks. associated with links and also how to verify if the information is accurate.

1.Search ‘ Karnataka elections verdict’.

2.Find two reputed news sources; one English and one Kannada.

3 Collate two points of analysis that explain what happened in a word document.

4.Mail the attachment to facilitator.

Basic navigation with Google Maps 2.30 – 3.00 Demonstration and Hands on 1.Open the discussion by talking about physical maps, how they are created and their uses.

2. Discuss about GPS and demonstrate navigation using the GPS.

3. Look up Baiyappanahalli metro in the map and explain various landmarks, routes, roads and symbols.

4.Demonstrate ‘using near me’ function.

5.Demonstrate using the maps Offline.

1.Participants will launch Google Maps.

2.Participants will look up the BWSSB office near to the training center in Google Maps and the directions to that office from the training center.

3.Participants will use the ‘near me’ option to search for the nearby Public library.

Question and Answer Session 3:00- 4:00 Discussion Open the forum for questions. Stewards will raise and clear any doubts they may have regarding the sessions covered so far.


  1. The stewards should be able to download an attachment shared via the telegram group, record what they understood from it and share it in the Telegram group.
  2. The stewards should be able to take a photo of the workshop venue and share it in the telegram group.
  3. The stewards should be able to locate two hospitals (one private and one government)  Nearest to G Baiyappanahalli in Google Map.
  4. The stewards should be able to search ‘learning English through Kannada’ and locate two useful resources.
  5. Download the ‘Kannada to English speaking’ application from Play store and  share the first word they learned via the telegram group.
  6. The stewards should be able to compose a mail with their feedback of the session to the composer.

Home Assignments

  1. Visit the and look up the procedure for obtaining birth certificate. Download the application form for obtaining birth certificate and share it with the facilitator.
  2. Stewards will take a photo of the starry night and share it via the telegram group.
  3. Stewards will talk about their favourite movie and share the recording in the telegram group.