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The Story of Science

Philosophy of Science

Teaching of Science

Curriculum and Syllabus

Topics in School Science


Question Bank

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Concept MapFile:micro-mindmap.mm

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Additional information

Useful websites

  1. excellup.com section is on defination and habitats of microorganisms
  2. biology 4kids section pictures and basic points on microorganisms
  3. wikipedia section on contribution of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
  4. wikipedia section on contribution of louis pasteur
  5. wikipedia section on contribution of robert koch

Reference Books

microbiology: an introduction by:Tortora

Teaching Outlines

Concept #1characteristics of microorganisms

Learning objectives

  1. differentiate between prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell.
  2. describe general cellular contents of microorganisms.
  3. describe size and shape of microbes.

Notes for teachers

  1. biologyexams4u.com gives difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell
  2. biologyexams4u.com describes structure and function of cell contents
  3. soinc.org gives complete information on size of microbes and appropriate use of microscope


  1. Activity 1 - Introduction of microscope
  2. Activity 2 - Obsevation of pond water
  3. Activity 3 - Curd experiment

Assessment Activities for CCE

Project Ideas

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