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Detailed syllabus for the Computer Literacy Test can be found here. Below are the list of topics from the syllabus and relevant KOER links which could be helpful in preparing for the test.

Sl Concept Topics KOER Links
1 Introduction to Computer 1. What is Computer
2. Broad Categories of Computers
3. Language
4. Basic applications
5. Components of Computer
Basics of computer
2 Introduction to Windows and Windows Concepts 1. What is an Operating System
2. basics of Windows
3. The user Interface
4. Windows Setting
5. Advanced Windows
1. Operating System
2. Basic trouble shooting
3 Word Processing in English 1. Word Processing Basic
2. Opening and Closing Documents
3. Moving around in a document
4. Using a Document/Help Wizard
5. Text creation Formatting and Table
6. Handling multiple documents and Printing
4 Spreadsheet 1. Elements of Electronics Spread sheet
2. Manipulation of cell and Use of Formulas
3. Data Manipulation and window
4. Charts and small accounting
5 Computer communication and Internet 1. Basic Computer Networks
2. Internet and Services on Internet
3. Web browsing Software
4. Surfing the Internet and Chatting
Accessing Internet
6 Email 1. Basics of electronic mail
2. Using E-mails and Document handling
7 Presentation 1. Basics and Creation of Presentation
2. Preparation of slides
3. Providing aesthetics
4. Slide manipulation and slideshow
5. Presentation of slides"
1. Presentation application
2. Basic Trouble shooting
8 Kannada typing in Nudi 1. Word Processing
2. Spreadsheet
3. Power Point Presentation and 4. Internet and Communication

CLT demo Videos

These videos are created by SHekar P, GHS Masur, Sagar (Taluq) and Shimoge District.

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