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About Digital Story Telling

The focus of this activity is to develop digital stories for a teaching-learning situations - examples, creating a photo essay for documenting an event or a place, comic strips to tell a story (graphic novels) and an audio recording for sharing understanding. The focus on all of these activities is to demonstrate possibilities of using digital stories to express understanding and learning without focusing exclusively on text based traditional teaching methods.

December 22nd we have done Digital Story Telling events in our school. In this event our 9th standard Urdu medium students are participated and from the teachers team, Mameena madam, Mala madam, Nishath Unnisa madam and Ganesh sir are participated with children. Along with our school teachers, IT for change team also supported in this event. We have made four students group to visit the four places, the places are

  1. Post office
  2. Police station
  3. Primary Health Centre
  4. Medical Shop


  1. Students will get to known about their surrounding people’s life cycles.
  2. Developing skills on telling a story digitally
  3. Students connect well with classroom topics.
  4. Capturing information in different formats – Image, video etc.
  5. Students can share stories with others.
  6. Help the students to understand their text books topics by relating to their own contexts, students will start connecting text book topics with surrounding life.


  1. See Police station full album
  2. See Post office full album
  3. See Medical shop full album
  4. See Health center full album