Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe

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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

Hosa hejje hosa dishe means new step in new direction.

Adolescence is a crucial period which bridges childhood and adulthood. Unfortunately this period is not recognised as an in between one but, adolescents are pushed towards adulthood from childhood. This plays out in different ways in rural and urban settings. This plays in different ways between boys and girls. Adolescent girls, invariably are more vulnerable than adolescent boys. To minimise the risks that are disguised as attractive and exciting opportunities, to give the adolescent girls a voice in deciding their future and to support them in this crucial passage into adulthood, our project was envisioned. The project works with adolescent girls belonging to Govt. Schools as well as Govt. aided Schools. These schools cater to girls from marginalised families. We will use digital technologies as tools to work with the girls. We are here to alter the gender dynamics that play out and to make sure that girls gain critical articulation with respect to what their status quo is and how to build their aspirations for future. In our modules, we focus on easing them into the conversation.


Curriculum at a glance


Audio resource - What is food to you?

School based Modules

Gangamma Hombegowda Girls High School, Wilson Garden - Kannada Medium

Gangamma Hombegowda Girls High School, Wilson Garden - English Medium

Karnataka Public School, Basavanagudi

St Anne's Girls High School, Halasuru