ICT Integrated Program for D.El.Ed Students at BES 2021-22

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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

IT for Change & BES College of Education are working collaboratively and running this course for D.El.Ed students. This course is designed on the NCF themes of “Connecting and Learning” and “Creating and Learning”. This course discusses how you can use Information and Communication Technologies (henceforth ICT) for your own professional development as well as classroom teaching and will introduce different digital methods that will support self learning and peer learning. The coursework includes a theoretical component that focuses on understanding the way different digital processes work. You will learn about the history of ICT and the place of digital ICT in this evolution of ICT. You will also learn how to use ICT ethically and to promote greater participation and inclusion.

The course also includes a practice component that focuses on the learning of different ICT skills. You will become familiar with different components of the ICT infrastructure in your lab. You will be introduced to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Educational Resources (OER). You will learn how to connect to the internet, and see the internet as a ‘global digital library’ from which you can search and access resources for your own learning. You will learn to create your own ‘personal digital library’ by meaningfully organizing the resources accessed, as well as created by you.


  1. Building the computer literacy skills for student-teachers
  2. Introducing student-teachers to FOSS and OER
  3. Develop digital literacy skills - email, internet search and downloading, creation of the personal digital library.
  4. To understand the power of the graphics and video resource creation.
  5. Introducing student-teachers to different technological tools for self learning, collaborative learning and resource creation
  6. Familiarizing student-teachers with the use of educational tools in the classroom teaching


Day Session Session Details Resources
1 Introduction Program Overview and Expectations

Ubuntu Overview

Creating Personal Digital Library (PDL)

2 Image Editing

Ten finger typing

Creating and editing images using TuxPaint

Use Tux typing to learn ten fingers typing

Learn Tuxpaint

Learn Tuxtyping

3 Connecting and Learning Accessing and downloading resources from the internet

Connecting with the world - forums, PLCs

Learn Firefox
4 Creating Presentations – 1 Creating a slide presentation on the selected topic

- basic features

Learn LibreOffice Impress
5 Creating Presentations – 2 Creating a slide presentation on the selected topic

- advanced features

Learn LibreOffice Impress
6 Concept Mapping – Session 1 Creating Concept Maps on the selected topic

- basic features

Learn Freeplane
7 Concept Mapping – Session 2 Creating Concept Maps on the selected topic

- advanced features

Learn Freeplane
8 Text Editing Creating a text document on the selected topic Learn LibreOffice Writer


  1. Explore an application
  2. Spoken Tutorial - Learn FOSS Tools through Videos
  3. ICT Mediation in Education - Student Source Book for D.El.Ed. program(DSERT)
  4. NEP 2020
  5. ICT Mediation in Education Text Book for D.El.Ed. Curriculum of Karnataka