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Surds like and unlike surds activity 1

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Activity - Name of Activity
=Activity - Name of Activity=
Like and Unlike activity
==Estimated Time==
40 minutes
==Materials/ Resources needed== Paper sheets, cards, pen
==Prerequisites/Instructions, if any==
Know the meaning of radicand and order
==Multimedia resources==
==Website interactives/ links/ simulations/ Geogebra Applets==
==Process (How to do the activity)==
Students are provided with cards which has surds. then he will simplify surds. After simplification students with surds of same radicands are grouped together to get the like surds and unlike
==Developmental Questions (What discussion questions)==
Factorise the given number into simplest form.
==Evaluation (Questions for assessment of the child)==
#How do you find like and unlike surds in a group of surds?
#What is the difference between like and unlike surds?
#List out the 5 surds of same radicand and order.
==Question Corner==
==Activity Keywords==
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