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CELT RIESI Language Workshop July 2019

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|10.30 -11.000
|Record audio using different devices
|Creating audio resources for the lessons in the text
|Demo and Hands-on
|1. Understanding the power of audio in a classroom<br>
2. Appreciating the incremental benefit that the digital audio resource brings to a classroom – possibilities of introducing contextual sounds<br>
|Import audio into systems (who are recorded in mobile)
And import to audcaity (all)
- 30 min
|Adding audio elements to your recording
|lDemo and Hands-on
|1. Effectiveness of adding audio effects<br>
2. Understanding when to use audio effects and how<br>
|Use different audio effects for make audio more interest
|Demo and Hands-on
|Using an audio editing tool to enhance an audio resource
Understanding of using different audio effects to make more effective of the story
|4.30 - 5.00
|Participants presentation
|Presentation|Review participants created audio resources|1. Participants will have to present their created audio resourcescreated in workshop.|-|||||2. Participants have to give feedback for fellow participants.
== Resources ==
# [ Explore '''Audacity''' handout (Free and Open sources audio editor tool)]# [ Teachers' toolkit for creating and re-purposing OER using FOSS/Audio and Video OER]
# [ Karadi tale - Blue Jackal by Naseeruddin Shah]
# [ Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition]
# [ Audio resources created in the workshops by]
## [ July 2019 - CELT participants]
## [ August 2019 - CELT participants]
## [ and Audio's created by IT for Change] - [ teamTabla Bhols]## [ Baby elephant - AjithKumar PS,]Teacher from Sree Narayana school, Perumbavoor
# '''Online OER audio repositories'''
#* &#x20;[ https://Wikimedia] [;URLcommons]
#* '''Reading resources'''## [https://soundcloudteacher-network.comin/OER/ajithputhenmayaindex.php/theTeachers%27_toolkit_for_creating_and_re-babypurposing_OER_using_FOSS/Audio_and_Video_OER Teachers' toolkit for creating and re-elephant Baby elephant purposing Audio]## [ Ajitkrash.html Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition]
== Feedback ==

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