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== Summary ==
In the previous session, we have started the conversation about food and nutrition. In this session, we are giving them a broader idea about elements which constitute a balanced diet.  
Facilitator: Aparna  
Co-facilitator: Karthik
== Assumptions ==
# Kishoris are less noisy after crafts teacher started attending sessions based on our request.
# Two of the facilitators wont won't be available tomorrow. We have 40 mins class time, 60 girls we need to handle with only 2 facilitators. This is quite a challenge because 4 facilitators were ineffective in using small group activities. # Kishoris dont don't engage with food related topics much because they are resistant due to their junk eating practices. # We may have 3 more sessions in this school , so we should complete at least one topic.
# Only few Kishoris participate in the conversation because of peer ridicule.  
# They might not have done their homework of preparing individual food plan.
After this, we will continue to discuss about food we consume everyday and how it helps our body by using a presentation.       '''(5 mins)'''
Presentation can be accessed here
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If some of them are able to talk about their food and where that helps, then we can select volunteers to talk in front of their friends. '''(10 mins)'''

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