Cascade District Workshops for Mathematics 2013-14

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Feedback from the cascade workshops

  • The participants filled feedback forms in the workshop. You can click here to see the feedback aggregated by district.
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District Cascade Mathematics STF Workshops

The MATHEMATICS Subject Teacher Forum district training programme is in progress, click on district to see progress

Bangalore Division BangaloreNorth BangaloreSouth Chikkballapur Chitradurga Shimoga
Belgaum Division Bagalkote Belgaum Chikkodi Dharwad Sirsi UttaraKannada
Gulbarga Division Koppala Raichur Yadagiri
Mysore Division Chikmagalur DakshinaKannada Hassan Mandya Udupi

See Maths RP list

Preparation for the cascade

From July - September, resource persons from 19 districts have been trained on the use of internet for building resource libraries and contributing resources to the Karnataka Open Educational Resources. They have also been trained in using mind maps to build resources, image editing and basics of video editing. They focused on the use of Geogebra for classroom lesosns. During the workshops, the teachers also discussed framework and strategies for CCE.

The list of mathematics resource persons by district can be found here.

District Training Agenda

The focus of this year's science STF will be on:

  1. Understanding how to transact the textbook - what do I need to teach, what resources do I need
  2. How to use the internet as a learning resource - to create a resource library for my use and for the classroom
  3. Increase digital literacy skills - email, internet search and downloading, using image editor and video editor
  4. Use of ICT tools - photos, videos, simulations for teaching
  5. Understanding how the resources are organized on KOER and share feedback and activities
  6. Understand the framework for CCE for science assessment

Forms to be filled by participants

  1. Day 1 - Every participant must fill this form. Participant Information Form
  2. Day 5 - # Participant feedback form to be submitted Participant Feedback Form

See Maths Participant Information

District Training Hand-outs

  1. Detailed Agenda - PDF
  2. Detailed Agenda - ODS
  3. NCERT Mathematics Text Books
  4. Emailing
  5. Brief background on Internet, Wiki and KOER
  6. How to access the internet
  7. How to create a resource library
  8. How to use Freemind
  9. Simple GIMP and Inkscape tutorial
  10. Geogebra tutorials
  11. How to work with the textbook - English PDF English ODP Kannada PDF Kannada ODP
  12. KOER Background Note.odt How to navigate KOER hand-out - Will be added soon
  13. CCE
  14. ICT Textbook - Will be added soon
  15. Uploading on youtube
  16. Uploading photographs on Picasa
  17. Open Shot Video Editor

Expectations from the workshop

During the workshop, the resource persons are expected to transact the proposed agenda with modifications as needed.

The participants must complete the following activities:

  1. Creation of email IDs and addition to the maths science forum
  2. Creation of a meta document for organizing their own resource library and share the links and descriptions of such resources to the forum
  3. Familiarization with the KOER resource website and identifying resources to be added
  4. Submission of atleast one comment or activity to KOER
  5. Updating district training details on the district pages here
  6. Uploading workshop photographs on Picasa