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ICT student textbook
What all can a computer do Internet is the computer Data representation and processing level 1

Internet is the computer


  1. Understand that computers can connect to one another,a term called Networking
  2. The internet is such a network

What prior skills are assumed

  1. Knowledge of what an operating system is and what an operating system is
  2. Familiarity with keyboard and mouse input
  3. Understanding folders and files
  4. An understanding that computers work with data

Resources needed

Hardware, software, Files

  1. Computer lab
  2. Internet access

Digital skills

  1. Working with input devices
  2. Working with a browser software to access the internet
  3. Handout Firefox Web Browser
  4. Handout Basic digital literacy

Description of activity with detailed steps

Teacher led activity

  1. The teacher will open an application called Firefox and will try to access information. In your school lab, the computers may or may not be connected, but it is possible for computers to be connected.
  2. The Internet is such a network of things. #

. The teacher will also demonstrate some websites which show how the internet is helping in communicating.

Student activities

  1. In small groups, make a list or a concept map of all the areas where you think computers are connected.
  2. Practise with typing with the keyboard and mouse.


  1. The mind maps made by the groups can be collected and digitized.
  2. Lesson logs of use in Tux Tping.