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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಲು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕ್ಲಿಕ್ಕಿಸಿರಿ

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Class 8th topics


1.Sources 2. Geographical Features And Pre-Historic India 3. Ancient Civilizations of India 4. Ancient Civilizations Of World 5. Greek, Roman And American Civilizations
6. The Birth Of New Religions 7. Mauryas and Kushans 8. The Guptas And Vardanas 9. South India – Shatavahanas,Kadambas And Gangas 10. The Chalukyas Of Badami And The Pallavas Of Kanchi
11. The Rastrakutas Of Manyakheta And The Chalukyas Of Kalyana 12. The Cholas Of Tanjore And The Hoysalas Of Dorasamudra

Political Science

1. Meaning And Importance Of Political Science 2. Citizen And Citizenship 3. Democracy 4. Local Self Government


1. Man And Society 2. Man And Culture 3. Sociology In Daily Life 4. Kinds Of Societies


1. The Earth-Our Living Planet 2. Lithosphere 3. Atmoshpere 4. Hydrosphere 5. Biosphere


1. Meaning And Importance Of Economics 2. Natural Resources 3. Human Resources 4. Poverty And Hunger

Business Study

1. Evolution And Growth Of Commerce 2. Business- Meaning And Importance 3. Emergence Of Different Forms Of Business Organisation 4. Large Scale Business Organisation

Class 9th topics

Christianity And Islam Defence Of The Nation Transport
Europe In The Middle Ages National Integration Industries Of Karnataka
India From 9th To 14th Century A.D Family Major Tourist Centers Of Karnataka
Religious Reformers Of India Socialisation And Family Relationship Population Of Karnataka
Vijayanagara And Bahamani Kingdoms Cities And Other Communities Economic Structure
The Moghuls And The Marathas Our State - Karnataka Sectors Of Indian Economy
Bhakti Panth Physiographic Divisions Money And Credit
Modern Europe Climate, Soil, Natural Vegetation Labour And Employment
Revolution And Rise Of Nation States And Animals Of Karnataka Management Of Business
Our Constitution Water Resources Of Karnataka Financial Management
The Union Governement Land Resources Of Karnataka Marketing Management
State Government Mineral Resources Accounting In Business

Class 10th topics


1. The Advent Of Europeans To India 2. Kannada Speaking Regions During Colonial Rule 3. Folk History 4. The Foundation of British Administration and Its Effects
5. Social And Religious Reforms 6. The First War Of Indian Independence(1857 A.D. 7. Effects of British Rule in India 8. The Freedom Struggle
9. India After Independence 10. The Political Dimension Of 20th Century

Political Science

1. Problems of India and Remedies 2. India's Foreign Policy 3. India's Relationship With Other Countries 4. World Problems And India's Role 5. World organizations


1. Social Stratification 2. Work And Economic Life 3. Collective Behaviour and Protests 4. Social Problems


1. India-Our Mother Land 2. Physical Features of India 3. Indian Monsoon Seasons And Their Features 4. Soils of India 5. Forests of India
6. Water Resources 7. Land Use and Agriculture 8. Mineral and Power Resources 9. Transport System of India 10. Major Industries Of India
11. Communication 12. Natural Disasters 13. Population of India


1. Development 2. Economy And Government 3. Rural development 4. Public Finance And Budget

Business Studies

1. Bank Transactions 2. Insurance 3. Entrepreneurship 4. Globalization Of Business

More topics

Culture and Society Democracy Union Government