TCOL Bangalore South block 3 School level Program for class 8

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Objectives of the program

  1. To support building of foundational skills and conceptual understanding in students
  2. To enrich the academic progression
  3. To help students to close learning gaps and get back on track
  4. To provide learning support to students who lag behind in skill development

Time plan

  1. Every week's in a day 80 minutes classes
  2. Two classes per week in a day, one class for Kannada medium and one class for English medium students.

Session plan

Class 1: Introduction to Geogebra and Points, Lines and segments

Class 2: Intersection of lines and Angle Formation

Class 3: Parallel lines and Perpendicular lines

Class 4: Basics of Number System- Multiplication, Factors and Multiples

Class 5: 3D shapes model making

Class 6: Pair of Angles- Supplementary, Complementary and Adjacent Angles