ICT student textbook/Audio visual communication level 1

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ICT student textbook
Songs come alive with pictures Audio visual communication level 1 Audio story telling


  1. Audio is a form of communication - verbal or non verbal
  2. Communicating using different audio methods
  3. Understanding audio can be combined with images to communicate a message for sharing and for self and peer learning

Digital skills

  1. Audio recordi ng using multiple devices – sounds, narration
  2. Importing them to folders
  3. Making videos of picture slide shows

Your learning outputs

  1. You will create audio clips of sounds that you record
  2. Recordings of oral narration
  3. Your reading of a text or a story


  1. Activity 1 - Audio story telling
  2. Activity 2 - Combining sounds and words to tell a story
  3. Activity 3 - Make an audio book

Self-learning check-list