ICT student textbook/Audio visual communication level 3

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ICT student textbook
Communication with graphics level 3 learning check list Audio visual communication level 3 Make an audio book


  1. Understanding audio is a form of communication - both verbal and non-verbal
  2. Creating audio resources in the form of read-aloud books
  3. Creating illustrated books with audio narration
  4. Combining audio with sounds, text and images
  5. Understanding audio can be combined with words to communicate a message for sharing and for self learning and peer learning

Digital skills

  1. Audio recording using multiple devices - sounds (non verbal), narration
  2. Screencast recording to record illustrated stories being played

Your learning outputs

  1. You will create audio clips from the readings you do
  2. Video files will be created from the books you read aloud (with illustration)


  1. Activity 1 - Making an audio book
  2. Activity 2 - Making an audio visual book