ICT student textbook/Precipitation, weather and climate

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ICT student textbook
Playing with the globe Precipitation, weather and climate Local weather and climate patterns


  1. Exploring the rainfall maps provided in Marble and understanding patterns of rainfall in different regions
  2. Hypothesising causes for rainfall patterns in different parts of India and Earth

What prior skills are assumed

  1. Opening different applications and creating folders and saving files
  2. Familiarity with using a key board
  3. Control in using a mouse or track pad
Rainfall and rain shadow, India during July

What resources do you need

  1. Computer lab with projection
  2. Handout for Ubuntu
  3. Handout for Marble

What digital skills will you learn

  1. Learning to work with interactive applications, with given input

Description of activity with detailed steps

Teacher led activity

  1. Your teacher will demonstrate the rainfall maps in Marble. She will show the rainfall patterns across the Earth in July and December months in different regions of the Earth and different regions in India.

Student activities

  1. You can see the 'Precipitation (July)' and Precipitation (December) maps. Is there any pattern in the rain heavy zones? Does it depend on the latitude?
    1. (tip - is there more rain in the northern hemisphere than southern hemisphere? Within the northern hemisphere, is it heavier in some parts, are these related to the latitude of that place?)
    2. Why is the rain heavy in the south west coastal part of India and less in the Deccan? Why is there a vertical strip adjacent to to the South West coastal area where there is very less rain?
    3. While North India around the Tropic of cancer has good rainfall, why is the same Tropic of Cancer region in Africa without any rain at all? Tip - This is the Sahara desert region. Is the lack of rain the effect of it being a desert or is it vice versa?)
  2. Record the summary of the discussions in a text document (this can be done as a group activity)


  1. Summary of the discussions in a text document