Module 13 - Me and My Identity

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Ever since we started our conversation, Kishoris have learnt about topics like Adolescence, Adolescence Problems/Concerns, Human Anatomy, patriarchy etc. Apart from this, Kishoris also have started expressing their thoughts and started thinking about “Who am I?, “What is my position in my family?”. This week they are going to conduct audio interviews and vox pop recordings which reflect their learnings.


• Even though some Kishoris cause commotion in the group, many of them lack self-confidence.

• Of late, there is an increase in the absenteeism to the school.

• Some of the Kishoris have started to share and express their views on their own. We should work towards encouraging these voices and restrain those who try to disrupt the discussions.

• The level of trust between us and Kishoris is increasing day by day, so we can discuss more sensitive issues at this stage.

• Since we had involved only 5 Kishoris to enact in a short play previous week, other Kishoris also want to get involved.


Prepare 5 audio interviews and 4 Vox Pops which reflect the learnings as part of “Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe” so far.


Initiate the conversation with Kishoris by enquiring about their wellbeing while reminding them about their regimen (10 Minutes)

Recall the discussions regarding patriarchy which took place in the previous weeks.

5 Kishoris who are selected for interview are interviewed one after the other in a separate room.



To understand the concept of adolescence and self-esteem. And to also quantify the role of the society in this and to understand the impact of “Hosa Hejje Hosa Dishe” in this. (How the awareness of various aspects of patriarchy supplements their views )


• What is your name? Which school and grade you are in?

• What is that one thing you like about your school? Why?

• Which movie did you watch recently? What did you like about it?

• How do you introduce yourself to others? (probe different ages and roles)

• In what aspect do you think you are better than others? Is that a specific subject/ Skill / capability?

• What kind of life you would like to lead Twenty years from now ? ( Probe further regarding Where, when, and with whom)

• What do you want to tell yourself at this age and why?

• Can you list 3 issues or problems faced and 3 causes of happiness by you and your friends? And Why?

• In case you have been provided with all the support required to resolve these issues, how would you find the solution?

• How were you able to find solutions like this?

• Do you want to say anything else?

At the same time other facilitator will do a Vox Pop with Kishoris

(With a group of around 5 Kishoris) (60 Minutes)

Vox Pop Questions:
Vox Pop 1:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in?

2. Is it true that girls cannot do all the work and activities which are done by boys? What is your opinion on this?

3. If Yes- If you have all the power, you can do all the things that boys can do , what is that one thing you will be doing?

4. If No- Don’t you think why this is often said?

Vox Pop 2:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in?

2. We have seen that the number of girl students drastically reduces from the 1st grade to the time they are in 10th grade. What do you think are the reasons for this?

3. What are the measures to be taken to avoid this?

Vox Pop 3:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in?

2. Who do you think will face more hardships in life? Is it boys or girls?

3. What are the hardships faced by girls?

4. What are the hardships faced by boys?

5. What are the hardships faced by both?

Vox Pop 4:

1. What is your name? What grade are you in?

2. If you are given a chance to become whatever you wish in your life, what do you want to be?

3. Why is that so?

4. What should you do in order to be like that?

During the interviews, other facilitator to show below pictures to Kishoris and ask them to list the people/ Objects from the image.

Conclude the discussion after the interview.

Resources Needed

• Audio Recorders- 4

• Camera -1

• Chart- 1

• Sketch Pens

• Plain Sheets

Total facilitators Needed

1 Main Facilitator, 2 Co-Facilitators for group interaction.

Total Time

80 Minutes


Questions for the Kishoris Interview


Recordings from Kishoris Interviews and Vox pop files