Module 9: Patriarchal Messages Part 3

From ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಮುಕ್ತ ಶೈಕ್ಷಣಿಕ ಸಂಪನ್ಮೂಲಗಳು
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In the past two weeks Kishoris had a discussion on how men and women are portrayed in Advertisements. In this week’s discussion Kishoris will be able to identify the differences in the type of questions presented in front of actor-actresses in interviews. They will also identify which person has what/how much power and influence on them in their family. The main motive of this module is that through all these activities Kishoris will discuss and understand their value and rights in the family.


  1. Based on the discussions of the past weeks, Kishoris might/might not have watched the advertisements and interviews of actors/actresses in Television
  2. Few Kishoris might have also had a group discussion among themselves, but most of them indeed have lack of self-confidence.
  3. Few of the Kishoris might have self-motivated themselves and initiated sharing their views and observations. The objective in here is to motivate and encourage these Kishoris to raise positively as well as speak up by themselves, and simultaneously making sure of cutting down the voices of the people opposing.
  4. Due to non-provision of Television in their homes, few Kishoris might not have watched the advertisements/movies in theatres.
  5. Day by day through frequent interaction the confidence level and comfort zone is building up between us and the Kishoris and hence in this stage we shall proceed to discuss some of the sensitive issues/matters.


  1. Kishoris will discuss on the effects of patriarchal constructed society as well as the way men and women are portrayed differently.
  2. An Awareness session on the way in which patriarchy and media support each other. This in turn motivates the Kishoris to think of their Self-image.
  3. A Discussion on what and how much power the people of their family have on Kishoris and also what is the value/position of them in their family (Circle of Influence, Venn Diagram activity)


Initiating the session with the Kishoris by speaking about one’s wellbeing. Also make them aware of the norms of this discussion.

Doing a quick recap of the previous week’s discussion

Show them interview clippings of Kannada actors and actresses ( Rachitha Ram, Puneeth Rajkumar, Radhika Pandit, Yash )

After which, A classroom discussion on the differences between what kind of questions were asked in the interview to both actors as well as actresses.

Next form a group of 4 members. Each group will be accompanied by a facilitator.

Every member of a group should now start presenting their family members and the levels of power and influence their family members have on them on the pre decided circular shaped chart given to them. These circular shaped charts will be in three different sizes and colours (Blue, White, Red). The chart of the biggest size represents more power and influence and the chart of the smallest size represents less power and influence. Kishoris will perform this activity for every member of their families. If in case both women and men have equal power and authority in anybody’s family, then it will be presented in the two different circular shaped charts of the same size.

Kishoris will list down the members of their family and also the power and influence levels they have on them in serial order and give it to the facilitators.

After every Kishori in the group completes participating in the above-mentioned activity, end the discussion for now and inform them that the same shall be continued in the next week’s session.

Required Resources

  • Computer/Laptop: 1 no
  • Projector: 1no
  • Speaker: 1 no
  • Camera: 1 no
  • Chart: 4 nos
  • Sketch Pens
  • Papers cut in circular manner (three sizes) in three different colours (Blue, White, Red) so as to represent power and influence.

Required number of facilitators in total

  • One main facilitator
  • Three other Associate facilitators

Total time

80 minutes


Interview clippings of Actors and Actresses


Circle of Influence chart presented by Kishoris