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STF background

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan, Karnataka (RMSA), Department of State Educational Research and Training, Karnataka (DSERT), worked to create a 'Teachers Communities of Learning' through the Subject Teacher Forums, Karnataka in Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences across 34 districts of Karnataka. The program was based on the extensive and intensive use of public digital resources to build and support teachers networks as well as to to create a resource rich learning environment these subjects. Click here for a report on the STF programme

The STF and the Karnataka Open Educational Resources (KOER) programmes aim to pioneer a new model of teacher education, one that is aligned to the vision of the National Curricular Framework for Teacher Education (NCF TE), 2009. See a presentation on STF-KOER as a new TE model

Comments on the Subject Teacher Forum programme

The JRM team also observed an impressive in-service training program in Karnataka which incorporates ICT in the training (in some government schools teacher support is provided through an open operating system called Subject Teacher Forum under which 5000 teachers across 34 districts have learnt to use digital tools and resources for their subject teaching). - Aide Memoire, 3rd RMSA JRM, MHRD. January 2014.

STF 2013-14

Reports and presentations on STF 2013-13 are available here

Video on STF

A Video on the 'Subject Teachers Forum', discusses the approach to integrating ICTs into teacher education, focusing on building 'Teachers Communities of Learning' to create digital learning resources and network with one another for sharing and learning. It is based on interviews with two directors of education in Karnataka government - Sri MN Baig and Sri Rama Rao, Prof Padma Sarangapani and two government high school teachers who are state resource persons for the Subject Teacher Forum program.

6 minute film- 20 minute film-

Videos of resource persons in different subjects, discussing subject integration in Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English

Mathematics -

Science -

Social Science -

English -