Activity No 3

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Activity No 3 release of oxygen during photosynthesis

  • Estimated Time

2 days

  • Materials/ Resources needed

- Water
- NaHCO3
- Test tubes
- Funnelsover
- Hydrilla plants
- Beakers (Large trough)
- Sun

  • Prerequisites/Instructions, if any
  • Multimedia resources

{{#ev:youtube| yg8vqsBOFMw | 400}}

  • Website interactives/ links/ simulations
  • Process (How to do the activity)

Take 2 troughs filled with water. Add a few crystals of sodium bicarbonate to both. Place hydrilla plants in both the troughsand invert large funnel sover them. Take two test tubes. Place some small pieces of wool into their bottoms. Fill the test tubes with water and invert them over the narrow ends of each of the funnel place one of the trough in a bright sunny area where as the other through in a dark cupboard for about 48hrs.

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