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Teacher Education Programmes

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In March, Web based workshop was conducted for all districts DIET/CTE faculties. it was conducted in Bangalore, Dharwad and Gulbarga. More details about these workshop are available in the below links.

  1. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Bangalore-Mysore Division
  2. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Gulbarga Division
  3. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Dharwad Division

The Subject Teacher Forum district training programme district-wise details of schools and number of batches are available here. Click on the link STF Cascade District Workshops 2013-14 for agenda, handouts and forms for district cascade programme.

Visit 2013-14 Teacher education events page to read about the teacher education workshops conducted during 2013-14. Each workshop is discussed on a separate page, along with the aims, agenda, hand-outs for these teacher education workshops.

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