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Teacher Education Programmes

STF KOER Workshops 2014-15

Proposal for 2014-15

During 2014-15, the proposed plans for STF-KOER Programme are as follows

  1. Core group to focus on collaborative resource creation on KOER for Class X. Workshops with a select cohort of 25 teachers and 5 DIET/CTE faculty members in Maths, Science and Social Science to support the access and creation of supplementary curricular resources for class 10th revised textbooks. The cohort will participate in series of 3 workshops of 5, 3 and 3 days to access, co-create, review and publish digital resources, pertaining to the new Class 10 text books.
  2. Extension of the STF and HTF. Workshops to create RPs at state level for extending the Maths, Science and Social Science STF and HTF in remaining 15 educational districts (other than the 19 districts covered during 2013-14 in these subjects)
  3. New forum for Kannada teachers. Creating Kannada Teachers Forum in the 19 districts where maths/science/social science workshops will not take place.

2013-14 STF-KOER programme

Visit 2013-14 Teacher education events page to read about the teacher education workshops conducted during 2013-14. Each workshop is discussed on a separate page, along with the aims, agenda, hand-outs for these teacher education workshops.

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