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Welcome to the ICT Portal

Historically, human beings have used different ways of organizing and presenting information, and for communication. Language, script, print, mass media such as radio and television have been important information and communication technologies (ICT). Whenever a new ICT is introduced, we see significant changes not only to education and knowledge processes, but also to larger socio-cultural, political and economic structures and processes.. What makes the current ICT different is their digital nature. With information creation, access, processing and sharing becoming quicker and simpler, society is now being shaped these processes, so much so that, the term Information Society is used to describe society today. Development of digital literacy skills is required for all, to navigate this ‘information society’. Teachers, student teachers and teacher educators need to be able to use ICTs for their professional development, through self learning, peer learning, in digital resources creation and in teaching-learning. They must develop a critical understanding of the larger positive and negative implications of the design and adoption of ICTs in society. This portal has resources for ICT learning.

Create a Smart Classroom from your laptop

A Smart Classroom can be created from your laptop with a set of easily accessible hardware and software tools. The set up would need a laptop, a graphics writing/drawing tablet to connect your laptop and a projector for large display.

This hardware setup can be used in any software available in Ubuntu. You can also install a free and open-source interactive whiteboard software called OpenBoard that is compatible with any projector and a graphics tablet device.

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Recent developments

Integrating Wikis into Open and Distance Learning paper explores how a free and open digital technology like MediaWiki, and Wikimedia open knowledge projects can be used for creating learning environments in Open and Distance education.

Courses for technology learning

To stay current in your knowledge and also to improve your skills. you can view / access different courses available on various platforms

  1. ICT course for B.Ed students
  2. Webinar - FOSS - a boon for Education

ICT Curriculum and syllabus

Participating in today's information society requires the development of new skills as well as an understanding of how these processes are affecting society.

  1. The National ICT Curriculum, developed by CIET, NCERT, is a response to this requirement.
  2. An ICT textbook has been developed by the state of Telangana based on this curriculum. An accompanying teacher handbook is also available to help in the facilitation of the student ICT syllabus and provide meaningful linkages to curricular and co-­curricular areas.

Technology and society

Timeline of computer history

Learn an application

Click here for exploring different applications

Technology Tools for Teachers - publication from Commonwealth of Learning and CEMCA

Critical understanding of ICT

Click here to read more about Critical understanding of ICT.

Popular android mobile apps

Click here to see a list of popular android mobile apps.