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In Ubuntu 16.04

In Ubuntu by default you can type English in any application and by default it will use only Unicode fonts unless you manually changing it to non-unicode. Also you can type any your local languages in Ubuntu by adding language into the list. For typing in any local language, Ubuntu will use application called Ibus. You can follow the below step to set up Ibus and to add languages in the typing list.

  • Go to Applications -> System tools -> System Settings -> Language Support ->Look at the Keyboard input method system Select IBus and close the window.

1. 300px-Selecting Ibus in your computer .png

  • Log-out your computer and log-in to applying this changes.

Now you have to add your languages in "Text Entry" to type it. You can type multiple language in any application by adding it in this list.

  • Click on "En" from the top panel and select "Text Entry".

2. 414px-Ibus - adding languages in Text entry.png

  • Once the Text Entry window opens, click on "+" arrow mark, as shown in image.

3. 500px-Ibus - select plus to add .png

  • The language list window will open, search your languages by typing it in search box. It will show the all the typing methods for the language. Choose a keyboard layout you are comfortable with and click "Add".

4. 500px-Ibus - adding languages.png
5. 500px-Ibus - added telugu.png

  • Yes, you are finished all the set up, after this your language list looks like below.

Now it time to type type your added language in most of the applications. Click on the language panel "En" (right top corner of the screen) and select language in which you want to type. When you select language, icon will change to that language. The very important is you can add multiple languages in this list.

In Ubuntu 14.04

  • Logout from the screen.



  • from login screen Select Ubuntu like below screen.



  • Again login to Ubuntu user by using your ubuntu password.
  • On the top right side of the desktop, click on En icon(on top of the rightside screen) and goto text entry setting.


  • Then, Click on +(Plus), select your language example : for kannada typing select "kannada(kgp(m17n))" click on add.

(Note : Also in this step you can add other languages to type and itrans means it's like bharaha keyboard)


  • Now, your select list look like this


  • close all the windows and again logout from this window.
  • In the login screen select Gnome classic (Metacity) and Login by using your ubuntu password.


  • Now if you want to type other languages, just press ctrl+space key or click on "En" icon and select language.

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