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Basic information for editing Wiki (uploading information)

The steps to edit your wiki website page are as follows:

  1. Visit (DIET WIKI Home page)
  2. Click on Log in
  3. Check if your user id is created, visit Special:ListUsers pages in the wiki and see if your id is there
  4. if user id not created, then write Wiki and ask for a wiki id. Note that normally wiki id will be given in a training workshop
  1. If user id exists, but you have forgotten your password, then Click on Log in button
  2. Click on ' Forgotten your login details? ' and ENTER your WIKI ID
  3. DIET WIKI will send a mail to the 'connected email id' (column C of this document with a weblink to reset the password
  4. Open your email. Click on the weblink in your email and you will connect to DIET WIKI
  5. Click on your DIET or CTE link
  6. Enter your wiki id (as per attached sheet) and your NEW password to login. (keep this NEW PASSWORD CAREFULLY and do not lose it) You will see your id on the top right part of the screen
  7. If you have any difficulty, please send an email to

Help on editing Wiki

Basic editing

Entering Text

Just type in text or copy paste from your existing text file (.doc or .odt) into the wiki page Remember, Kannada text MUST be in Unicode fonts only, do not type in Nudi 01 and other non Unicode fonts, since it will not be legible on the Internet


To create a heading, simply put the = sign before and after the heading. Single = stands for HEADING 1, == for HEADING 2 (SUB HEADING TO for HEADING 1) and so on. Create as many headings and sub headings as you want.

External Web link

When you want to link a page from outside the Wiki website website, (external link)
Syntax is as follows: Open Square Bracket,followed by the web page address,followed by a space and then the description of the link. eg [ Mandya] will read as Mandya - is the web link
Mandya - name of the link


Internal Web link

When you want to link a page from within the website (internal link) Syntax is as follows
open DOUBLE Square Bracket,followed by the page name (without http etc) ,followed by pipe and then the description of the link eg [[Kolar]]

Advanced Editing

In Wiki website, we upload text, other resources are uploaded elsewhere and then linked/embedded on the Wiki website using widgets-

  1. Photos - slide show in Google Picassa
  2. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations and all PDF documents - slide show using Google Drive
  3. Kannada documents in non unicode font, please convert to PDF and then upload on Google Drive, this will show the fonts.

Inserting image slide show

  1. You can embed a Picasa (Google photos) image slide show in Wiki website
  2. Using your gmail id, create a photo album on Picasa ( To learn how to upload photos to Picasa, click here. Copy the album id (this is the last part of the web address, when you see an album, after "albums/"

{{#widget:Picasa |user= Type gmail id which with you have created the album |album= Type the Picasa album id here |width=300 |height=200 |captions=1 |autoplay=1 |interval=5 }}


You can also insert a single image from Picassa to the wiki. Click on the image on Picassa, copy paste the url of the photo to wiki.

Inserting video

Youtube video can be embedded in Wiki website Video on Surds from Youtube

Syntax is: {{#widget:YouTube|id=iTt3TVjsjuY}} will be seen as

Inserting slides

  1. You can insert slides from a ODP, PDF, PPT files using slideshare.
  2. Upload your file on
  3. Click on share file and select the 'embed code'
  4. From the embed code,pick out a number string

Syntax in Wiki website is: {{#widget:Iframe |url= |width=450 |height=360 |border=1 }} where 29378973 is the number string.

Inserting documents from Google drive


We will use Google drive for uploading all documents

More advanced options

KOER Wiki Help page

Creating new pages

When content is too much for one page, or for a section, you can provide details in another page. You can first create the new page and then provide the internal hyperlink in the source page and say click here or read more with reference to new page, e.g Click [[Karnataka_TE_Cell | Karnataka TE Cell]] for visiting Karnataka TE Cell page

New page

To create a new page, type the following syntax in the address bar: This will create a new page.

  1. Please be careful about naming the web page. Since no two pages on the wiki can have the same name, try and give unique names for the web page, such as 'Mandya DIET Annual Plans for 2014-15'. Just giving 'AWP 2014-15' would not be good idea, since all DIETs would want the same page! and the page may get over-written.
  2. As a rule, use lower case (small letters) in page name, avoid capital letters (upper case). Wiki is case sensitive and this convention can help you search for pages more easily

Searching for a page

If you have created and saved a page, but cannot remember the page name, then just go to the Search button on left frame and type your page name to search for the file. You can type even part of the name if you are not sure about the full name

Useful reports from wiki

What changes have been made on any wiki page - and who has made them

  1. At the bottom of each wiki page, the link 'history' is provided. Clicking this will give us all the changes made on that page, when it was made and who made it. Any changes made by mistake can be 'rolled back' or deleted.
  2. To get the changes made on the entire Wiki website wiki, click on 'Recent changes' on the left frame
  3. User list - To get a list of all the wiki editors, we can visit

Steps to use Wiki to create a web-site

  1. Identify the audience for the site - who do you want should see the site
  2. Collect the information you want to share through the site
    1. Information about the institution - plans, programmes, staff
    2. Detailed information about programmes - objectives, scope, approach, activities, status, challenges/risks, outcomes
  3. Try and collate information in different formats - Text information, images/photos/pictures, videos, animations, existing web links
  4. Make a 'design' for your site - home page contents, other pages. This is similar to designing a home - based on needs, how many rooms and for what purpose. This would be similar to the way in which you may organise your information on your own computer - into folders and sub folders. Each folder can be seen as a 'category' for storing files and can be created as a wiki page. (Good news is that you can always add pages to your wiki whenever you want, and add/modify/remove content, which is not so easily possible with a house!!)
    1. Home page should be simple and clear. Avoid jazzy styles.
    2. No information should be too lengthy on home page. Use additional pages / create new pages, for providing details.
    3. Cluster/categorize information and provide it in pages based on such categories/clusters.
    4. Any page address (web link) should be provided either on the site home page, or on another page, based on relevance. This can help user to reach any page from the home page. Of course, user can reach a page just through the web address as well.

To create a DIET template page, type {{subst:Content}} after creating a page