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About the district

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District Officers' Directory

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About the DIET



  1. Principal Smt. Gayathri Devi.T.N.
  2. Smt. Prathima Devi.
  3. Sri. Sadashivaiah
  4. Sri. Rama Mogera
  5. Sri. Ganapathi Bhatta
  6. Smt. Rehana Begum
  7. Smt. Lakshmi Bai Lachhappa Lali
  8. Smt. Aleemunnisa
  9. Smt. Vani R.K
  10. Smt. Hemalatha B.V
  11. Smt. Geetha
  12. Smt. Nagarathna
  13. Smt. Ranjitha
  14. Smt. Vanishree Koppad
  15. Sri. Shashidhara
  16. Sri. Murulidharan
  17. Dr. Suryakala
  18. Smt. Shashikala
  19. Smt. Shobha M.B
  20. Smt. Kammar
  21. Smt. Radha P


Department of Mathamatics and Science

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Department of Humanities

  1. Sri.Rama Mogera
    He is the Nodal Officer for Educational Technology, i.e., ICT in High Schools in Bengaluru South and North District which come under Bengaluru Urban District.

There are 18 ICT phase I schools, 35 ICT phase II schools and 120 ICT phase III schools in the district. 138 high schools are proposed under phase IV in 2015-16.
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Department Of Language

Department of ELDP


Department of PSTE

Department of Teacher Education

District Specific Department

Support Staff

  1. Mohan Raj, Suptd
  2. Manjuhanumaiah FDA
  3. Gopala Krishna FDA
  4. Sreenivasan FDA
  5. M.R.Chikkarame Gowda FDA
  6. Sateesh Naik FDA
  7. Shilpa FDA
  8. Khan SDA
  9. Bhagya SDA
  10. Gangamma Gr D
  11. Williams Gr D
  12. Bharathi Gr D
  13. Elizabeth Mary Gr D

PSTE programme details

e-Vidya Academy


To enhance the ICT capabilities of Primary & Secondary Education Department officials in order to increase their work efficiency.
Officials trained are from Cluster level to State Level


The Academy was initially set up by Microsoft in 2005-06 in Public-Private partnership and was meant for enhancing ICT capabilities of school teachers for implementing effective Computer Based Education.
3 Centres were established all over Karnataka:
*Bangalore- for B'lore & Mysore Division
*Dharwad- for Belgaum Division
*Gulbarga- for Gulbarga Division
After the end of contract period, the Academy was taken over by Department of Primary & Secondary Education in March 2012

Implementing Agency

At Bangalore& Dharwad e-Vidya Academy is affiliated to Educational Technology Wing of DIET & to Collegiate of Teacher Education(CTE) at Gulbarga.
Funds are received from DSERT


To enhance the ICT capabilities of Primary & Secondary Education Department officials in order to increase their work efficiency.
Officials trained are from Cluster level to State Level

Functions of e-vidya Academy

  • Conducting training for enhancing ICT capabilities of
  • KeyAdministrative Functionaries
  • Supervisory staff

Additional Functions:

  • Preparation of ICT related training modules
  • Preparation & translation of ICT text books.
  • Co-ordinating workshops for preparing action plan of all e-Vidya Academies of the state.
  • Training to Primary & High School teachers based on the availability of Lab.
  • Bulleted list item

(Academy imparts training on Open Office platform)

Underlying Problem

  • Department setting up in-house capacity building without depending on ICT vendors - managed by Department officers which allows for eduction contexts and needs to be factored into syllabus
  • Use of free and open software -Trainees need not spend money for Proprietary soft wares

Processs Followed

  • The entire plan of action, design of training and modules were developed in collaborative mode.
  • Officials from DSERT and from different offices from all over the state, NGOs (American India Foundation, ITFor Change, Intel) were part of the entire process.
  • A pilot training was conducted and the modules were edited.

Dimensions covered in Design of the training

  • Topic
  • Time table
  • Structure- Methodology
  • Anchor person
  • Objectives/Expected Outcomes
  • Resources required.
  • Pre-test
  • Post-test

Topics Covered

1.Basic Computer Literacy 2. Internet related

 Computers	                            Internet& e-Mail
 Hardware                                   Way 2 SMS
 Mind Map                                  Video Conferencing                         
 Word Processor                            Social Networking
 Kannada Typing                            Thunderbird               
 Sheet- Basic & Advanced

3. Subject related

 Social Science

Key Focus of the training

  • CRP, BRP-Primary, ECO- school support- 5days
  • BRP Secondary & BRC – Planning & Budgeting-Expenditure Management- 5 days
  • HM- Administration-4 days
  • ADPI-MMS: Basic data entry and data management- 3 days
  • DIET Faculty-General computer literacy -3 days
  • DIET Faculty- Subject related(Science & Maths, Social Science)-3 days
  • DPI/JD/DDPI/BEO- Effective Communication-2 days

Training Details

DIET plans

calc plan 14-15




Training programmes

SSA training programmes 2014-15

Under SSA Training Programmes , we have given 10 days Training to all the Primary Teachers of The District.
Nali-Kali training given to 1to 3 standard handling Teachers.
Sambrama is the training Literature which helps the teachers in classroom Transctions.
Subject-wise Trainings imparted to 4th, 5th, 6th,7th, and 8th Standard Teachers who are handling in the current year.
The following are the Training Literature published during this year

  1. Sambrama --1-3 Nali-Kali Teachers
  2. Samagama - 4-5 Standard Teachers
  3. Sinchana- 6-8 Standard Mathmetics Teachers
  4. Vikasana - 6-8 Standard Science Teachers

Previous Year training programmes

  1. Bengaluru_Urban_Training_Programme_2013-14
  2. Bengaluru_Urban_Training_Programme_2012-13
  3. Bengaluru_Urban_Training_Programme_2011-12

Photo Album of trainings conducted by Bengaluru Urban DIET, in the ICT lab


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