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About the DIET



  1. Basavaraj C Gaunalli Principal
  2. Shashikanth Martule Vice Principal
  3. Md Tayab Khan Senior Lecturer
    1. Devendra M Lecturer
    2. Md Maqsood Ahmed Lecturer
    3. T J hadimani Lecturer
    4. J P Sindhe Lecturer
    5. Ashok Satane Lecturer
    6. Tara Bai Lecturer
    7. Godavari Lecturer
    8. Bheem Rao Naubade Lecturer
    9. P C Biradar Lecturer
    10. Prakash Manaji Lecturer
    11. Subash Lade lecturer
    12. Shalini Pande lecturer
    13. Tayaba Fatima Lecturer
    14. Bhanudas Craft Teacher
    15. Kamble T V Drawing Teacher
    16. Maruthi Deshmuk Horticular

Support Staff


  1. Dept. of Humanities:
  2. Dept. of mathematics:
  3. Dept. of science:
  4. Dept. of Social Science:
  5. Dept. of Languages:

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