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Objectives of the workshop

  1. Multiple possibilities of language resource creation - text, audio, interactive content.
  2. Explore different FOSS tools to create effective language resources
  3. Record and edit audio in Audacity to see how audio can be used in a language lesson.
  4. To explore new digital tools and applications for language learning
  5. Make your audio resource more effective by using multiple audio files (background music)
  6. Understand the features of Indic anagram, H5P and Audacity.
  7. Experience Indic anagram to create anagrams for different vocabularies.
  8. Experience different content types in H5P to create interactive content for language teaching and understanding the importance of interactive resource for learning.


Agenda for Audio creation workshop

Time Session Structure Objectives/ Outcomes Activities
10.30 -11.0 Record audio using different devices Demo Using different applications for audio recording

Understanding the technical specifications for audio – headphones, microphone, etc

Check list of recording a good quality audio

Audacity interface Go through the audio recording process – record pause, play, stop and save as project file, export Mobile apps are like sound recorder, audio recorder, recorder Record and save audio files.

11-11.15 Tea break
11.15-12.45 Creating audio resources for the lessons in the text Hands-on 1. Understanding the power of audio in a classroom

2. Appreciating the incremental benefit that the digital audio resource brings to a classroom – possibilities of introducing contextual sounds 3. Understanding elements of good script writing

1. Participants have to select (on selected story line and poem etc)

2. Use lab computers or their personal laptop or mobile phones to record. 3.If it is story - participants can make groups of 2 people to record 4. For Poem - try to record same poem with different voice modulation 5. Save your audio files. 6. Import all recorded audio files into systems.

12.45-1.00 Hands-on Import audio into systems (who are recorded in mobile)

And import to audcaity (all) - 30 min

1.00-2.00 LUNCH
2-4.00 Adding audio elements to your recording l 1. Effectiveness of adding audio effects

2. Understanding when to use audio effects and how 3. Using an audio editing tool to add sound elements

1. Use edit tools to refine your audio by removing unwanted part

2. To understand what is track and its uses 3. Use multiple tracks to add background music for the audio 4. Participants identify the sound effects they would like to add 5. File export as audio files and save as project

3-3.15 Tea break
4.0-5.00 Use different audio effects for make audio more interest Using an audio editing tool to enhance an audio resource

Understanding of using different audio effects to make more effective of the story

1. Use amplify to adjust the output volume of your audio files

2. Fade in/out to adjust the audio -voice modulation 4. Save Export your audio files in different formats.

Agenda for creating interactive content

Time Structure Session plan
30 mins Introduction Workshop objectives

Workshop agenda discussion Participants expectations

60 mins Demonstration

and Hands on

Demonstration of the H5P language resources.

Introduction to H5P and interactive content Creating account on H5P Go through H5P account and the settings Overview of existing examples with different content types in H5P

90 mins Demonstration

and Hands on

Introduction to H5P and interactive content

Overview of existing examples with different content types in H5P Create interactive content with different content types Course presentation

2 Hours Demonstration and Hands on Go through different content types

- Use drag and drop - Quizes, - Interactive videos - Fill in the blanks options - Create Flash cards - Iages paired with questions and answers.

1 Hours Demonstration

and Hands on

Basics of audio recording with different devices

Overview of Audacity interface Opening and editing recorded audio in Audacity Export audio into different format


  1. Explore audacity (Free and Open sources audio editor tool)
  2. Teachers' toolkit for creating and re-purposing OER using FOSS/Audio and Video OER
  3. Audio resources created from IT for Change
  4. Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition
  5. Online OER audio repositories
  6. Learn H5P
  7. Learn Indic anagram