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ICT projects

Evaluation of ICT projects

While thousands of crores of rupees have been invested in ICT programmes in schools, there are not many studies assessing the effectiveness of these investments. In the absence or inadequacy of empirical data, decisions relating to ICT projects in schools are taken more on a 'belief' in the power of ICTs. This may be a waste of scarce public resources.

A few governments have distributed laptops to students and there is a need to study if the goals such distribution have been met and to what extent.

Some studies are provided below Kerala IT@Schools site

  1. Kerala IT@Schools project - study by TAPMI
  2. Kerala IT@Schools project - study by IT for Change

Karnataka ICT@Schools study

  1. Karnataka ICT@Schools study by CIET

Karnataka CALC study

  1. Draft Report of study on CALC - Part 1
  2. Draft Report of study on CALC - Part 2