Plant life cycle

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1. Encourage students to think and question about phenomena around them.

2. To help students to get involved in science process skills

3. To help students understand that water, soil, and temperature are essential for plant growth.

4. To encourage students observation skills

5. To help students to understand the life cycle of plant

Materials required:

- observation sheet, seed, sprout, plants

Story links:

  1. Tra's Red Bean Plant - Story about gardening.
  2. Rani's tree - Story about plant life cycle


Brief discussion about plant life cycle and exposure to read plant life cycle story and watch video, followed by providing seeds, sprouts and sapling to different student groups and with facilitator help students dipped seeds and sprout in soil in their campus/bowl. One group of students keeps the sapling plants in two places, one in a dark room/cupboard and the other outside, and asks them to water them on a daily.

Students must record their observations in a worksheet similar to the observation journal provided by the facilitator.

Plant growing observation sheet for students

Pedagogic principle:

Observation of a Scientific phenomenon

Assessment :

Criterion 5 4 3 2 1
Observation and recording Observe and record every minute details correctly Observe and record major details correctly Observe and record very few obvious details Observe and record one or two details Not able to observe and record
Drawing Draw the diagram of a plant as is in its growing condition Draws diagram of a plant with major parts and its growth Draws diagram of a typical plant Draws diagram of a plant with few parts Not able to Draw