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Useful websites

Branch Website name Link About
Philosophy The Basics of Philosophy site has basic information on history of philosophy, write-up on great philosophers as well as notes on branches of philosophy.
Philosophy Barefoot Philosophers Is a site maintained by Bengaluru Philosopher Prof Sundar Sarukkai and the team. It has links to writings  as well as books and courses conducted on philosophy by this group
History Wikipedia:Contents/History and events Wikipedia articles on history
Sociology Sociology Wikipedia articles on Sociology
Economics Economics Wikipedia articles on Economics
Geography Geography Wikipedia articles on Geography
History Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Timeline of Art History
Social Science KOER Social Science Portal:Social Science
Social Studies & History Annenberg Learner Teacher Resources – Western Civilization
History Timeline Timeline - World History Documentaries

Business, Finance, & Investing

  1. Investopedia
  2. Google Advisor
  3. Google Finance
  4. Market Watch by WSJ
  5. Main Street – Business & financial headlines & advice