Teacher Education Events DIET COP Workshop October2013

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  1. COP workshop - Oct 21 -25 Agenda.ods
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  1. . "This web based training programme is very good.It is better to be extended to all teachers and teacher educators.I am very happy to know the community of learning is performing extra ordinary in the field of education. We are being motivated by providing the opportunity to have the training on Ubuntuand other applications' - DIET Kolar, Narasimhaiah
  2. . I learnt so many things about mind mapping.Leelavathy, DIET Kudige, Kodagu.
  3. . Informative & useful for DEd teaching, DIET Tumkur, PADMAJA

Resources and handouts

  1. Information Society, digital society and education
  2. Brief background on Internet, Wiki and KOER - STF Workshop 2013.odp
  3. Handout for freemind
  4. Handout for internet access.odt
  5. KOER_background-note
  6. Simple GIMP and Inkscape tutorial
  7. Tutorial for uploading photographs on Picasa
  8. Handout for youtube upload