Turtle art lesson 2

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Week 2 Make the Turtle Move with different inputs and to display outputs
  1. Familiarization of ways of defining parameters - movement, co-ordinates and colour
  2. Visualize space, co-ordinates and shapes through movement and vice versa
  3. Deconstruct the logic in a sequence of instructions
Hands-on Activity Activity #1 (Part A)
  1. Make the turtle move to a given co-ordinate position; turtle can be moved by specifying the end position also
  2. Demonstrate movements of the turtle using the angle block
  3. What does the radius mean? What does the angle instruct the turtle?
  4. To draw a circle, what would you instruct the turtle?
  5. See the picture here. What should have been the commands? (Hint : it involves co-ordinates and angles)
Screenshot of Part-A and Part-B Co-ordinate position.pngCo-ordinate position diagram.png
Hands-on Activity Activity #1 (Part B)
  1. The Turtle can also display outputs using the Print block from the extra options palette.
  2. The Turtle can be used to label a figure, using the Show block to be found on main palette.
  3. The Turtle block to be found on extra options palette allows you to change the colour of the Turtle
  4. Here is a piece of programming to show how to print and how to change the colour of the Turtle and label a text.
Screenshot of Part-B Olour of the Turtle and label a text.png

Guess why the text “Square” appears 4 times. What can you do to avoid it?

Hands-on Activity Activity #1 (Part C)
  1. Fun with changing colours and shapes
  2. Use the command heading
  3. Make the students draw shapes, vary colour
Screenshots for Part C Fun with changing colours and shapes 1.pngFun with changing colours and shapes 2.png

Fun with changing colours and shapes 3.pngFun with changing colours and shapes 4.png
Ask the students to work with more Turtle cards - http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Turtle_Art

Hands-on Activity Portfolio components (Part D)
  1. Ask students to construct circle of different radii
  2. Construct the following nested circles and explore further such creations using Angle, Co-ordinates, Left, Right, Backward, Forward, etc
  3. What commands did you use? Are there any different ways of doing this?
Screenshots for Part D Onstruct circle of different radii.pngOnstruct circle of different radii color.png