Turtle art lesson 4

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Week 4 Arithmetic manipulation using Turtle Art.
  1. Demonstrate the use of arithmetic operations and display results
  2. Understand the logic of nesting operations
  3. Combining input parameters, action sequences and evaluating conditions to make Turtle move

1.Introduce the numbers palette
2.How to print results from simple arithmetic operations:

3.Subtract 80 from 100; Add this to 100; Multiply this sum by 50; Divide 120000 by this product
4.Write this as an expression – (120000/(50*(100+(100-80)))
5.Print the result
Introduce the numbers palette.png
Write this as an expression.png
Random number function .png

6.Print random numbers using the random number function

  1. Combining values
  2. Conditional commands combined with arithmetic operations to create a shape
  3. See file called “Conditional Operations” for code.
Hands-on activity Activity #1

1.Draw a series of equal radius circles with increasing X,Y coordinates
2.Try the circles which different colors.
3.Try the shapes with different size of lines.
Arithmetic manipulation equal radius circle.jpgArithmetic manipulation equal radius circle increase.png

Activity #2

Arithmetic manipulation ring.jpgArithmetic manipulation ring structure.jpg

Portfolio components
  1. Use the Turtle commands to generate a number of shapes with different colours and shades

Different colours and shades 1.jpgDifferent colours and shades 2.jpg
Students can complete the cards available on