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ICT student textbook
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In summary

We hope you have found this journey with technology enjoyable. As you would have experienced, this is an area of knowledge, where rapid changes are taking place. Not only are ICT changing how we are learning, they are also defining what is to be learnt. Occupations and vocations are no longer limited to the traditional ones of teaching, engineering or medicine. ICT also have an enormous potential for allowing greater access and opportunities for more people to express and create knowledge, in multiple ways. When the possibilities for knowledge creation change, more knowledge will be produced from areas which would have earlier been left unexplored. However, for this vision to be realised, we need to approach ICT as if it is a public resource - of all, by all and for all. The power of ICT must be guided by the spirit of participation and democracy.

We will explore more areas of technology learning in Book 2 of this subject, in classes 9 and 10.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey and do share your feedback below.


Feedback is very important in many topics, especially when writing a book like this. We would like to learn from your experience using this book.

  1. How did the book help you in technology learning?
  2. How did the book help you in subject learning?
  3. What did you like the most about the book? Why?
  4. What did you like the least about the book? Why?
  5. Which topics did you have problem understanding?
  6. Wish three things that should be included in the book!