ICT student textbook/The machine is using us

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ICT student textbook
What is the nature of ICT level 3 The machine is using us The global digital library

Getting to know the internet
In this activity, you will be introduced to the internet, how it developed and how can we access the internet.

Check your readiness

  1. You must be familiar with different ICT terms
  2. You must be able to work with different applications - text editor, text processor, mind mapping tool, independently
  3. You must be able to access, open, create and save files in your folder

What resources do you need

  1. Computer lab with projection
  2. Access to Internet
  3. Pictures and videos
  4. Handout for Firefox
  5. Handout for LibreOffice Writer
  6. Handout for Freeplane

What digital skills do you need

  1. Understanding of the physical infrastructure needed to connect to the internet
  2. An understanding of what is the internet
  3. Browsing the web
  4. Using a search engine

Description of activity with detailed steps

Teacher led activity

  1. Your teacher will read with you the following section of the textbook on What is the internet. Discuss with your friends the different places you see where you think the internet is used. Make a list of things/ activities that you think needs the internet.
  2. Watch the video and browse.

Your teacher will show you this video in class.

Discuss with her the following:

How is the text you write different from the text you type?

How is the image you draw different when you do with digital art?

We have seen earlier that you can use what is called the internet to access information not on your computer.

How is this done? What is the internet and what is the web?

What are the various kinds of information you can access on the internet?

Using a search engine, your teacher will open Wikipedia. She will explain how the search engine works and she will demonstrate different kinds of websites on the internet.

Student activities

  1. Your teacher demonstrated different kinds of websites above. In groups, look for websites in the different categories. In each group search and make a list of 3-5 websites. Enter these addresses in a text document and add to your folder.
  2. Make a digital infographic of the internet and what it means for you. (Your teacher may also suggest to draw an infographic and digitize it)


  1. You should have a text document with a list of websites that you would have accessed
  2. Internet infographics - either hand drawn and digitized or created using a digital tool